Jewel Quest Heritage

Jewel Quest Heritage 1.0.5

Jewel Quest Heritage

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 00:57:52
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Hit the trail with Rupert on a journey through the shrines and castles of Hernan Cortes' lore. Swap jewels and collect puzzle pieces to unravel a perplexing web of Jewel Quest family history. With over 175 new Jewel Quest Heritage boards, including 3 jewel-swapping modes, new surprises await in every level.

• 35 stunning around-the-world scenes

• Over 175 unique Jewel Quest boards, each with its own challenges 

• 3 modes of play in Jewel Quest Heritage 

• Puzzle pieces and a family tree, with new portraits unlocked as you progress

• The suspense and intrigue Jewel Quest fans have come to expect

• Double the gameplay with an all new Expert Mode, unlocked after the mystery is solved