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Just Notepad for Android

Updated:2015-08-08 17:37:58
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When using Windows on a desktop, we often memorize something on NotePad.exe, or paste something on it as a temporary storage. It is very convenient that you just launch NotePad.exe, key in or paste something, and close it. When using a Android phone, we may have to memorize something such as a name to call, a place to go, or something to do, but there is no such built-in app for that. That is why this app exists.

Unlike some to-do-list apps or yellow-tips apps, this app is just a NotePad for Android. You just launch it, key in or paste something, then close it, even without saving, it does saving automatically.

- Very simple to use: As mentioned above, you just launch the app, key in or paste, then exit the app. You can imagine that this app is a pile of papers in your Android phone. When you write a new note, you are putting a new paper on the pile of papers and writing down things. When you remove a note, you are removing a paper on the pile of papers, then an earlier note will appears.

One-touch copy / paste: Although long-clicking the text area of Android apps also enables the copy/paste function, this app brings the functions to the toolbar for your convenience.

- As a multi-part clipboard: Every time you paste something with the paste button on the toolbar, the pasted text becomes an individual note, and shown in the left list. You can click any one note in the list to get the text, copy the whole thing into the system clipboard with the toolbar button, and paste the text in another app. This app can be used as your multi-part clipboard.

- SD Card reading / writing: This app can browse the text files in the external storage of your Android phone (usually a SD card), and you can read or write it. Only UTF-8 encoding is supported. Using the function, you can import a .txt or .htm file as a note of the app, or export your note to a text file.

Html preview: Since what you have imported or written may be a snippets of html code, this app makes you able to preview it in web browser, including the referred images or style sheets in the same directory of the imported html file. You can also use this app as an off-line web-page viewer.

- Tweeting: This app also tweet the text to your Twitter wall under your command. So you can use this app to edit the draft for your Twitter account.

- Mailing: This app can mail the text as an e-mail. The function is based on the built-in service of Android.

- Full-text search: After the notes are written with this app, you may want to find some of them according to some keywords or string tokens. This app provides full-text searching for you, it lists all notes including the string tokens..

Remarks: This software includes jtwitter module and shows an AdMob banner on the top.