Learn ABCs & Site Words Free

Learn ABCs & Site Words Free 1.1

Learn ABCs & Site Words Free

Author:Jenell Mann
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 21:18:44
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HELP YOUR CHILD LEARN TO READ...Make learning the alphabet fun!
Learn the ABCs Free Android App, hear letter names and letter sounds and learn site words. In most schools, children are expected to learn these "high-frequency" words by sight, without sounding out, by the end of the first grade. Best of all the letters and words are all taught by 6 year old Lilly! Kids love learning with Lilly! Not only is this an amazing educational app it also has a fun Sticker feature... as your child progresses through the game he/she will find hidden stickers for each letter of the alphabet- making learning fun.

- Turn background music on or off
- Hear Lilly say the letter name or the letter sound
- Turn the fun sticker game on or off

It's kid-tested! They can do it on their own, or with your help.

- 26 pages of site words- 1 page for each letter of the alphabet
- Based on popular Dolch Word List
- Easy-to-read big bold words
- Clearly pronounced words, letter names and letter sounds
- Turn sounds on or off
- Fun sticker game Collect all 26 stickers
- View flagged words
- Easy enough for kids to use

Your kids will love learning with Lilly and having fun earning stickers as they learn. Download this app now!