Let 'em Ride Poker

Let 'em Ride Poker 1.5

Let 'em Ride Poker

Author:Lambton Games
Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 20:05:26
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Let'em Ride Poker

Play Let 'em Ride Poker (also known as let it ride) against the house. This Ad-Free Android game includes smooth animation and sound effects. You can place an optional side bet for a chance to win a bonus payout.

Press menu from within the game to see the pay table and change various settings.


Press deal and you will be dealt 3 face up cards and the dealer will be dealt 2 face down cards, these 2 cards will complete your hand when they are revealed.

Before revealing the first card you may keep your bet as it is (Let'em ride) or choose to pull one of your three ante bets which reduces your total stake. If you think you will have a good hand keep your bets, if you think the hand is bad then pull your bet.

The next card will be revealed and you can again choose to pull or keep your bet before revealing the final card. If your hand is ranked 10s or better or a higher poker ranking you will receive winnings based on your remaining ante, press menu from within the game to see the pay table.

If you placed the optional $1 side bet and your hand is a flush or greater then you will be awarded a payout of up to $20, 000. Press menu to see the pay table.