Ley R. Jur. y Proc. Adm. Común

Ley R. Jur. y Proc. Adm. Común 1.5

Ley R. Jur. y Proc. Adm. Común

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 21:01:30
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Ley de Régimen Jurídico y Procedimiento Administrativo Común
Version 2011-07-07 (spanish language with translation to english available).

For lawyers, civil servants, officials, students, dissidents and any citizen who wants to know the laws.

Use it with 'smartLEGES LITE', the international laws and codes manager for Android.

- SmartLeges Lite free reader has to be installed on your device to be able to read the associated document. Search it in the Android Market.
- External memory space is needed to save the associated document.