LiveView Alarm Clock Plugin

LiveView Alarm Clock Plugin 0.1

LiveView Alarm Clock Plugin

Platform:Android 2.3 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 04:20:57
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LiveView AlarmClock Plugin
*** Sony Ericsson LiveView device is REQUIRED for proper work ***

This plugin lets you schedule an alarm using your liveview (kinda useful for a watch right?)

- left/right - move selection between hours, minutes and am/pm
- up/down - increase / decrease value of selection
- select - schedule alarm
- power - clock mode / screen off

- 12hr/24hr mode
- Custom alarm text
- LED flash color when an alarm is set

- Gingerbread or higher
- Sony Ericsson LiveView
- Stock alarm clock or compatible (may not work on some manufacturers replacements)

If you cannot see the plugin in the plugin's list, restart your phone.
If you see the plugin twice in the plugin's list, clear data of LiveView application.
If you cannot switch to clock mode or after plugin start you can see nothing but blank screen, you probably have an old firmware installed on your LV device. Please update it with Sony Ericsson Update Service.