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The Domus Architecture Guides series takes you on a tour of the world's great cities seen through the eyes of the most authoritative international magazine of contemporary architecture, art and design. 

The guides in this series introduce you to the city’s most important buildings, the architects who designed them, and all the significant destinations for lovers of design, art and culture. They are the ideal way to explore and appreciate the world's best contemporary architecture - not only for travelers but also for those who want to get to know their city better. 

Whether it's a fleeting visit or a weeklong break,  Domus' architecture guides make the perfect travel companions. These prêt-à-porter guides bring you the most compelling and authoritative insight into the places you visit, as well as a series of fascinating itineraries that will allow you to understand the contemporary architectural history of the city and its creators.

The Domus guide to London features: 
- 80 buildings on the map, each complete with photos, street address and directions.
- 68 architects 
- 69 suggestions of places not to be missed, with a brief review and map indications: 34  galleries, 9 bookstores, 11 showrooms, 15 exhibition spaces.
- 4 itineraries: Through the Centre, The River and the City,
The City: Origins and Future of London, New Life in the East End: Architecture, Art and Design