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Lord Krishna Temple 2.3.0

Lord Krishna Temple

Platform:Android 2.0 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 23:52:46
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This application helps Lord Krishna devotees to worship while they are on move. Following are salient features:
- Krishna Maha Mantra.
- Mantra can be set as daily or weekly morning alarm
- Temple bell sound when devotees touches bell.
- Shankanaad on touching Shankha.
- Provided option to set user's own audio track
- Option to download more related audio.
- Aarti with real looking diya.
- Flower showering.
- Playlist feature
- Audio can be set as ringtone
- Audio forward and rewind feature

- Widget image changes automatically at every 30 min.
- Three different sizes of widget supported
- Application can be moved to SD card.
Note: There will be following side effect when application is installed on SD Card.
1. Widget will not work
2. Alarm may not work properly

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Note: We do not show ads during prayer. Because this diverts attention from God. Ads appear only after curtain closes. Application also places ads on your phone notification bar. This happens only once in a day. Please install this application only if you agree to receive ads as notification.