MXHome Theme Dashboard

MXHome Theme Dashboard 3.0.2

MXHome Theme Dashboard

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 20:32:17
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Error code -24

1. You must uninstall this theme.
2. Theme re-download & install. (Google play store)

★If you want to fix the weather error, you must update MXHome Launcher(ver.3.0.5)

This application program is the theme (skin) application of the MXHome.
If you want to apply this theme, MXHome must be pre-installed. Touch the Above [Open] button, and execute watch theme.
If you don't have the MXHome, the screen will be moved automatically to the application market.

Sensuous and trendy watch type home application
New application concept has been applied in standby mode which will lead true Android world.

* Feature
This application provides real drive effect and G-sensor animation.
User will feel the dynamic and mechanical emotion as 3D particle and the G-sensor animation.
Customized screen will give more realistic serviceability for end users.
Setting shortcut icon from time index will provide unique experience.

▣ Animation
- Engine Start/ Stop
- Windshield wiper - windscreen touch
- Klaxon sound
- Background change - Farm, Mountain, Oasis, Snow

▣ Function
- Weather info
- Battery & Memory Info
- Digital picture frame
- Mp3 player
- Shortcuts fors 8 major App.’s
- Control tray
[Wi-Fi, BT & Sound]

▶ Supports ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0.x)

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