Magic video camera(Widget Spy)

Magic video camera(Widget Spy) 1.10.22

Magic video camera(Widget Spy)

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 07:58:07
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Corresponding to the shooting was silence in the widget.
☆ please read the instructions from the installation be sure.
☆ new models may not be able to shoot relatively widget.
(Start widget is set to ban camera phones in the body)
Other ☆ Galaxy S2 Galaxy Nexus HTC Xperia behavior models

★ ★ important
☆ When you first start is not from widgets, start the application itself, please let automatically set the preview size.
☆ shooting U~ijeto is fake because it is rotating on the screen next to the home screen, you will not be able to operate the home screen
☆ end recording, please press the Back button on the mobile phone.

Video and effects can be taken in silence. (Photo widget Normal)
Silence can be taken from video and widgets
· If you can shoot comfortably mobile 1GHz operating in Dual CPU.
· The image can be enjoyed in the video.
Although the normal video shooting and sound is produced, videos with this app there is no sound can be taken.
Files are saved in the DCIM / MANGA

★Caution and warning ★
To antisocial behavior such as voyeur can not be used.
Be used for crime can not be.
To loss of profits is not responsible.
Shall not be liable for lost profits or the possibility of crime.
In other words, we have developed to be used for photographing children, pets, and landscapes. .
Please use at your own risk. Please observe the laws of the country to use this application also.