MiniMemo(Free) 1.1.4


Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 02:45:03
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This is a widget that can stick the handwritten note on the screen.

The icon of the application program doesn't exist because this application program is a widget.
Please do not install it in the SD card.

Please select the home screen from among casting lion and "Widgets" after it installs it.
After you write a note by the finger, it sticks on the screen by pushing the save button.
You can edit it by doing the memo that sticks in the tap.
・9 kind background
・9 color line (Editable freely)
・It can be selected that 5 kind of width.
The eraser adheres, too.

While displaying the select color dialog, by long press, you can edit the color.

The advertisement is not displayed in a pay version.

- It operates since Android1.6.
- It is a confirmed operation by N-04C, SH-12C.