Molecule Viewer 3D

Molecule Viewer 3D 1.2.5

Molecule Viewer 3D

Author:Adam Hogan
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 21:32:36
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=== This app used to be paid but due to better free alternatives I am now making this app free but without any support or development. You are advised to use another app for viewing molecules. ===

Open the most common 3D molecule file formats saved on your SD card or choose from one of the 243 included molecules in the molecule library.

Chemicals built in include:
* Both D and L amino acids
* D carbohydrates
* Many cyclic sugars
* Common cofactors
* DNA nucleobases, pairs and strands
and many other common molecules

File formats supported:
* .cml
* .mol
* .mol2
* .sd
* .sdf
* .xyz

Chemicals can also be searched and downloaded directly from the ChemDB and PDBeChem websites. However, sometimes the ChemDB files downloaded will be empty or in the wrong format and will cause the app to crash. There appears to be no way to prevent this. Every molecule downloaded from PDBeChem appears to be formatted correctly but ChemDB was also included because it searches over a much larger database.

Check out my other chemistry app Chemistry Helper for chemistry tables and tools.

Comment or email me with questions or concerns. Want me to add a molecule to the library? Want to be able to open a certain file format? Just ask.

Application developed using molecules from avogadro.