Multi SmsSender 2

Multi SmsSender 2 2.6

Multi SmsSender 2

Author:Mathieu Maret
Updated:2015-08-08 14:06:14
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This is a multi sms application.
You want to send a message to all Friends for Christmas or because you change your mobile number? This app is made for you!

Features :
- Select contacts with a list
- Create Group gathering several contacts together
- Integrate sent messages in the main SMS app
- Delivery reports

Please send any suggestions to my mail address or post it on the project page!
GPL code / project page :

Contact me if you are interested in translating the app in Spanish, Swedish ... !

Please contact me for crashes.

Special thanks to Moorhuhn for the German translation, Jose de Ângelis for the Portuguese (Brazil) translation, to Egidio "Infinity" Pignatelli for the Italian translation, to Khalid EL BOUKHARI for the Arabic translation.