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MusicGuide - the best world's first popular guide to music sites

MusicGuide is a android musictools aggregator which allows users to find sites providing online music is considered to be the world's first popular guide to music sites and for the first time allowed users to go beyond exploring music on a limited set of known providers. A relatively small number of music sites were known by people when MusicGuide first launched. It opened up an entirely new world of music content for many people that had only been exposed to a couple of sites, such as

MusicGuide offers: search, share, playlist, discover, video, community, create, radio, tool, social, audio, engine, download, band, blogging, player, mix, mobile, media, most-popular. There are over 500 music sites currently listed and millions of music urls in their search database. The grid of sites allows users to easy browse music sites. You can use MusicGuide to easy find which you like music's sites.

some sites below:, memolane, bandcentral, ujam,, meltinpop, mixlr,, wuala,,, unhearit, photopeach, ce.radiotime,, reverbnation, rootmusic,, audiotool, rdio, iradeo, soundation,, muziboo, midomi, songr,,, myplay,, topsite,,, putplace, youniverse, epixhd,,, thounds, popscreen, masher, mugasha, aloqa, redux,, moof, kisstunes, meuzer, mecanto, blyper, ututti,, mixcloud, picturetrail, indabamusic, wearehunted, gigzee,,, karaokeparty, fwix, musicovery, aupeo, spotify/en, jamlegend, championsound, zumodrive, justhearit, didiom, radiobeta, tunerec, theradio,, cardfunk,, dropcards, windowshop, mufin, bojam,, bandmetrics, getsongbeat, in, tickex, stumbleaudio,, guitarati,,, artistdata, oriango, soundcloud, lala, tweetcube, egghub, jivox, igliss, ssmunch, scribd, chilirec, routenote, stickam, friendfeed, taltopia,, tunesbag, thisismyjam, songsterr,, fabchannel, musana, takelessons, mozes, vuze, flokoon, vois, radionomy, blippr,, tonebee, iggli, showclix, onellama, jukefly, nabbr, myjazznetwork, hypem, qtrax,, lyricsmode, thesixtyone, meemix, playlist, jamendo, sonific, muvibee, vside, esfresh, aditall, songza, adrive, phonezoo, thesimsonstage.ea, think.mtv, mixaloo, jango, 2threads, getpeel, jamstudio,, zukool, animoto, simplifymedia, skreemr, deezer,,, pmbuzz, vringo, allcdcovers, sessionsound, tun3r, soundsnap, symbaloo, vuvox, moonk, watzatsong, chizmax, ubroadcast,, mixzik, youlicense,, streakr, ipernity, sharethis, cylive, grooveshark, idiomag, foxytunes/planet, quickeo, virb, steekr, faces, jamglue, tagworld, saynow, popcurrent, dooniz, audiozue, piczo, bandbuzz, ijigg, divshare, twones, humblevoice, uplayme, purevolume, phling, muveemix, fliptrack, gigya, tunefind, photoshow, ilike, mybloop, songbirdnest, ksolo, trackingshot, qloud, sonicswap, multiply, fiql, projectopus,, finetune, radioblogclub, aol, lulu,, amazon, freebase, myspace,, poperti,, pandora, muiso,, bebopular, search, share, playlist, discover, video, community, create, radio, tool, social, audio, engine, download, band, blogging, player, mix, mobile, media, most-popular