My Restaurant Agenda Premium

My Restaurant Agenda Premium 1.3.0

My Restaurant Agenda Premium

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 23:10:39
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All your restaurants, your favourite places, your comments to the menus, service, calendar, pictures... always close to you!

Add new restaurants.
Look for restaurants.
Your restaurants indexed by kind of food.
Your own agenda of visits to your favourite restaurants.
Take pictures of the cards.
Comment whatever you want.

From the main screen you will be able to access and create your own restaurant cards. You can organize them by type of food, by your own rating or by price!

You can look for your favourite restaurants and see them in a map, so you can find out the best way to get to them.
If you don't remember the exact place, you will be able to find it from our calendar, where you can save your visits and assign them to a specific day.

The calendar will display different icons depending on the kind of restaurant you visited that day! So, you will never forget that place you liked so much!

Of course, comments and impressions are important. Every time you go to a restaurant, you can write comments about it, so you will never forget your experience there!

Comments about special dishes, about other customers, tidiness, or kindness are important to remember for new possible visits.

Take pictures about your favourite dishes or the restaurant card! So you can always remember how it looked like!