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NZBAir - SABNzb & Usenet NZB 5.5.0

NZBAir - SABNzb & Usenet NZB

Updated:2015-08-08 16:31:11
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Latest news:
I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the entire backend for NZBAir. This will bring some great changes including displaying all data the provider exposes (think, post imagess, usenet groups, tags etc), it'll also be significantly faster and it will also give you more information if a provider cannot serve your request (for example, running low on Newzbin credit).


Bring Usenet to your mobile in a fast, simple to use app. Take NZBAir to the next level with full integration into SABNzb & NZBMatrix. Push NZB straight to your download box. Manage your SABNzb queue on the move!

Oh and don't forget you can browse, bookmark and download NZB straight to your phone with a touch.

* Fast One-Time-Setup web-page
* Supports SABNzbd username/password security dialogue
* Push NZBs straight to your download box!
* Manage your SABNzb queue (delete, move and add downloads)
* Pause, shutdown and review your SABNzb box
* Search & Search NZBMatrx, Newzbin, NZBIndex,
* Contextual search within categories
* Bookmark NZBMatrix & Newzbin posts
* Quick view home screen widget
* Save searches & categories for fast access
* SSL Support where available

Not sure NZBAir Premium is for you? Check out the free version and see how you like it!

* SABNzb publicly accessible api
* NZBMatrix username/password (for searching/download functionality)
* SDCard for local downloads
* Android 1-2 (Android 3 is only partially supported)

* NZBMatrix only provide 50 posts. Drop them a mail requesting them to expose more if you'd like to see this feature
* NZBMatrix doesn't expose comments so sadly it cannot be incorporated into the app

When you setup your SABNzbd+ URL, be sure to include the "api" postfix. For example:

Comments from the developer:
If you spot any problems or oddities do let me know. As a new release there's a few teething problems to sort out.

If you have any recommendations or need some help getting started feel free to drop me a line. Don't forget to check out the website URL as that contains a list of helpful hints.