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Newfox Radio 4.0

Newfox Radio

Author:Newfox Media
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 14:51:19
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Newfox Radio gives you worldwide access to real radio stations and related content to what you’re listening to!

Newfox Radio is ranked among the best five AM/FM radio apps based on the number of stations and cool extra features by!
Newfox Radio allows you to;

- Listen to over 60, 000 internet radio stations, programmes and podcasts from all over the globe using the best radio station directories available - Miroamer and the free SHOUTCAST directory are integrated into the app which give you access to real radio stations as well as thousands of independent stations and playlists for different genres.
- Get a mix of related news about the artist you have been listening to in your current and previous listening sessions, powered by Yahoo! - not yet supported for all stations
- Get additional information and photo galleries related to the songs, Wikipedia pages of the artists you are listening to instantly in the language of your device - not yet supported for all stations
- Buy the song you are currently listening to on amazon if available
- Get event information of what’s happening local to you, powered by
- Let your friends know what you’re listening to by updating your Facebook, and Twitter status with the station you are listening to
- Find stations you will love recommended to you based on what you are listening to right now

Please Note:
- To use Newfox Radio via your phone network uncheck the 'wi-fi- only' option on the Newfox Radio settings page
- Grant access to your GPS data to enable Newfox Radio to find stations near you
- For further help and support send an e-mail to
- Newfox Radio uses code from FFmpeg and LibMMS, both licensed under the LGPLv2.1. Source code, including our modifications, for both libraries will be provided upon request.