[Night] Evp DreamCatcher

[Night] Evp DreamCatcher 2.0s

[Night] Evp DreamCatcher

Updated:2015-08-08 19:28:23
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What happens when you sleep or while you're gone?

via the microphone used as a sensor activation to every environmental noise starts a recording session that saves the environment audio capture.
The application is highly customizable and easy to use, and has the following features:
Setting the sound of ignition;
Setting the microphone sensitivity in the acquisition;
Setting the recording time of each acquisition;
Setting a delay to delay the start of the scan;
Setting the maximum number of registrations for each session;
Simple media player for playback;
Managing files to delete them or send them.

Set the parameters and press the power button, if you have not set any delay starts capturing from microphone, otherwise the activation will be postponed until the set value, in this case, you just place the device, and move away to avoid incidental noises. The application must remain active and the power button active.

The application could consume a lot of battery, especially if recording for a long period, therefore, it is recommended to use with the power cord.

The authors assume no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained by persons or as a result of misuse of the application. We are not responsible for infringements on privacy. All damages are attributable to the user and never, under any circumstances can be attributed to the authors.

The misuse of the application may infringe the rights of privacy, remember that violate these rights is a crime.

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