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Drawing Comunications

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 17:49:35
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Hand Feel(hand writing comunication) - No functional limitations

@@@@@ User Interface Configuration @@@@@
Depending on your style of writing, I can not say this is the answer, HandFeel the general application different from other handwriting that has a user interface as one of the reasons

1. Write the forefinger (index finger) and to
2. Enter the middle finger is completed is to be.

First-time users do not have a Hand feel's the decoration templates.
Your desired Make and decorate a few templates
Using the program can begin..
handfeel (笔) - Hand Feel is a handwriting tool, transfer and more short sentences are optimized for communications.
Use of decorative features hand feel background (color photo, map), and color, and underlined type hand feel settings, such as convenience stores previously set to provide decoration.

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