Numeric Paranoia

Numeric Paranoia 1.4

Numeric Paranoia

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 03:10:11
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'Numeric Paranoia' is so simple but extremely addictive puzzle game hit iPhone AppStore already.
(AKA Numbers Paranoia)
Featuring 312 unique puzzles in puzzle mode and infinite stages for arcade modes.

Rule is simple:
1. Start at 1 and finish at the biggest number.
2. Follow the sequence of numbers
3. Cover all the plates.

But after trying, you'll find it's not that easy.


PUZZLE MODE : Challenge to 312 unique puzzles!

ARCADE MODE : Experience the infinite gameplay from 6 different game modes by unlocking all modes.

DUEL MODE : Compete with your friend, playing one-on-one!

.OpenFeint Leader board and 12 achievements
.Various items in arcade mode
.Local and Global highscores
.Beautiful game music and sound effects
.Automatic arcade game save
.Tutorial so friendly

Go into the maze of number plates and test your brain!

- Unexpected crash removed
- Different game speed between devices fixed

- Openfeint Upgraded.
- Select classic level available.
- License bug fixed