Optimize ToolBox(15 functions)

Optimize ToolBox(15 functions) 2.0.9

Optimize ToolBox(15 functions)

Author:OPDA team
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 06:06:37
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Optimize Tool Box is a Swiss Army Knife for your mobile phone.

Like a Swiss Army Knife, Optimize Toolbox provides multiple useful functions so that user can manage the mobile phone more effectively and efficiently. These powerful functions are categorized into 9 modules: System scan, App manager, Startup manager, (Un)Installer, Process manager, System cleaner, Power saver, Quick access, and Extended toolbox. With these functions, your Android smartphone gets 360-angle optimized and is always in the best shape!

1,System scan: It provides complete health check of the mobile phone, and the convenient way to optimize the installed apps, auto start apps, running apps and cache.
2,Mobile information: It summarizes the environment information of mobile, including CPU, RAM, ROM, SD card, wireless network signal, network speed, battery status, machine type, Android OS version, screen resolution, etc.
3,Apps categorization: Are you still annoying when you failed to find the specific app from hundreds of apps you installed? App Manager provides a convenient way to cluster your apps into several categories, so that you can have fewer icons in the desktop and your Android looks cleaner.
4,Apps movement: It gives a big picture about where the apps are installed in the mobile. If app movement to SD card is supported (this is supported by Android OS from Android v2.2), app can be moved freely (Note: system app operations require ROOT permission).
5,Startup manager: Some apps are started automatically when OS boots, and make the system startup slower. Startup manager helps user to rule out the apps you don’t want to start from the booting list, and speeds up the system loading.
6,Uninstaller: It supports batch uninstallation of unnecessary apps (including system apps if you have ROOT permission). The apps can also be backup-ed locally or into cloud before uninstallation.
7,Installer: It lists all the apk files in your SD card, no matter which folder they are in, for user to install in batch.
8,Process manager: It lists all running apps and services for user, and these processes can be terminated in batch. Furthermore, user can customize flexible strategies by combining auto-terminate list, ignore list and auto process termination to meet complicated requirements.
9,Cache cleaner: It provides convenient way to remove all cache generated by apps.
10,Message cleaner: It provides convenient way to remove short messages. User can also backup the selected messages to local SD card and restore them anytime.
11,Power monitor: It provides straightforward view about battery power status, battery voltage and battery temperature. User can check the estimated time remained for different scenarios, like standby, 2G call, WIFI network, video, etc. User can also check detailed information about power consumption data of all apps, and terminated background apps directly to save power.
12,Power saving mode: It provides 6 different modes for user to choose, including Custom, Web Surf, Entertainment, Conference, Open Air and Plane. User can choose the mode according to his/her actual scenarios to balance the battery power and user mobile experiences.
13,Battery maintenance: It helps user to monitor the charge process and maximize the battery life.
14,General and advanced settings: Quick access to set ring mode, screen brightness, input method, screen rotation, WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, security, APN and so on.
15,7-button widget: User can add widget to desktop to quickly access WIFI, Bluetooth, airplane mode, auto rotate, cache cleaner, power saving mode and much more.
16,Extended toolbox: It extends Optimize Toolbox and makes many other useful tools available, such as file explorer, memory manager, net manager, etc. Some are out-of-box available, and some should be downloaded from cloud before use. User can choose them freely based on the needs.