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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Prepare for ABOS certification/recertification in Orthopaedic Surgery on the go with the help of the Hospital Physician Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual app. This mobile application gives you full-text access to the Hospital Physician Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual on your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, or Android® device, allowing you to read and prepare wherever you are.

The Hospital Physician Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual is a peer-reviewed publication designed to help physicians and residents prepare for the ABOS certification/recertification examination in Orthopaedic Surgery. Each manual consists of a clinical review article focused on a topic area in which orthopaedic surgeons should demonstrate a high level of competence as well as board-style study questions for self-assessment in that topic area.
With the free Hospital Physician Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Manual
app, you will:

- Receive free access to all manuals available in the current volume
- Receive alerts letting you know when a new manual is available
- Be able to share board review articles with your colleagues

Hospital Physician has been publishing the Hospital Physician Board Review Manual series of specialty journals for over 18 years, making it a proven and trusted source for board review study material.

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