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*Updated for the August 31st PMP Exam Revision

Searching for a PMP prep app? Not sure what is the best bang for your buck?! If you are taking the PMP certification exam soon, then it is time to get serious and confident as a project manager and practice the most useful PMP test taking skills necessary to pass your first try! cPrime is a Registered Education Provider (REP) through the PMI and has provided live PMP boot camp training to over 1000 students. We have a 98% pass rate! Our instructors created this app so anyone can be confident and ready on exam day. Learn from the best! PMP Prep Pal is your personal PMP Exam Training Coach… who conveniently fits in your pocket!

Are you trying to become the best Project Management Professional you can be? Don’t spend money on taking the PMP exam numerous times or on an app that doesn’t meet the grade! Pass the PMP exam on the first try! Boost your confidence with all of PMP Prep Pals awesome features! Learn from our Certified PMP instructor from Stanford University who has been teaching instructor led PMP classes for over 10 years!

What You Will Get From PMP Prep Pal:
• Unlimited access to 300+ exceptionally realistic PMP exam practice questions
• Detailed explanations and PMBOK references for every PMP question
• Includes 7 PMP timed mock exam based on the latest PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition
• Progress Reports track your PMP knowledge and show where you need to study
• PMP flash cards & Study Questions that let you memorize and master PMP Exam concepts.
• Easy , clear and interactive interface

We have broken down our study questions and flash cards into the PMP exam domains:
• Initiating
• Planning
• Executing
• Monitoring/Controlling
• Closing

PMP Prep Pal lets you test your Project Management knowledge and practice your PMP test taking skills! With over 200 pmp exam questions based on the latest PMBOK ® Guide, you can test your knowledge and see what areas of the PMP exam you need to practice! Track your progress through the PMBOK as you go and study key concepts and functions with PMP Prep Pal’s PMP flash cards and study questions. PMP Prep Pal gives you detailed explanations and PMBOK references for every PMP question.

So what are you waiting for? There is no time to waste! Get studying now! We know it takes a lot of hard work and practice, but we believe in you! Utilize this tool in your studies! Study on the bus, study while your walking your dog, study while you wait in line, and hey! even study while you’re talking on the phone!

Good luck!!