Panda Talks Full Version

Panda Talks Full Version 3.0.2

Panda Talks Full Version

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 15:12:28
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This is live wallpaper with a popular character “Orepan”.

Updating of this application can turn the live wallpaper dark. It's a feature. Set another wallpaper once, then
set this live wallpaper again.

Live wallpaper and a widget with a popular character “Orepan”.
A comic strip of “Orepan” or animation is shown on the live wallpaper.
The widget is “Orepan” clock.
Please double-tap on the wallpaper or the widget, and “Orepan” will speak to you.
“Orepan” is a male panda. He is usually cute but sometimes wild.
A dog, a cat, a rabbit and a duck are his friends.
In this game you can enjoy the life with dear Orepan.
Various contents for mail and standby screen are webcast in our official website.
Blog parts of the cute “Orepan” are popular, too.

=Profile =
【 nickname 】My bread
【 age 】Uncertainty
【 special skill 】Penmanship and swim
【 hobby 】Game and bonsai
【 favorite food 】It eats any bamboo grass, the sweet one, the march of green soybeans and the koala bear, and the ramen, the pizza, the hamburger, the hot dog, and french fries, etc.
【 favorite artist 】AKB48, morning daughter, and KARA
【 important thing 】Slippers, dandyism, free coupon, and television
【 favorite sports 】Professional baseball, soccer, and ice hockey
【 hated one 】Lion, cockroach, spider hand, and snake