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Panorama Photo 360 HD Free

Updated:2015-08-08 19:13:07
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Professional Panorama Photo Viewer 360 HD

PPV360HD is an Android application designed to view high-resolution panoramic (Panorama) images with equirectangular (spherical) or cylindrical projection, full 360-degree pano or semi-pano, up to 2.27 gigapixel jpeg(*1)

Like StreetView or PhotoSphere of your personal pano, but with an incredible resolution. No more need of Adobe Flash and tiles generator programs, this is the ALL IN ONE solution: elaborate huge panoramas on your device (tablet or smartphone) and use the powerful integrated 3d viewer.

Version prior to the current 1.1.2 has been discontinued.
Please update app.

-*- Virtual Tour -*-

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This is the DEMO (free, has some limitations, read below) version of PPV360HD, released to check its compatibility with your specific Android Device before buying the PRO: view comments from our PRO customers:

If you have any compatibility issues (crash on launch, freeze, ruined images) send an email to

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Support, FAQ & Troubleshooting

-*- NOTE -*-

(*1) Performance and image quality may vary depend on CPU/GPU speed and available free RAM of your device (use a Task killer to free RAM before start the app).


The Public Gallery have some huge panoramic images freely downloadable from internet without resolution limitation, so you can test application performance and compatibility of your device (and speed with your device specific CPU/GPU/RAM).

* Open your own images up to 50 MPixel, but viewed at lower resolution
* Can store up to 2 of your photo at the same time (PRO up to 100 photos)
* You can zoom images but only in the PRO version you can view your images at full resolution.
* Tagging: you can add up to 3 tags but they will not be saved on storage.

-*- FEATURES -*-

(full list at

* Equirect/cylindrical projection, 360 and custom degree (semi-panoramic)
* Hi-Res (jpeg up to 65kx35k, 2.27 Gigapano, 2270 MegaPixel)
* Standalone: internet connection required only on the first start, to download graphic resources optimized for your device display resolution
* spectacular fullscreen view with a minimal and clean design, optimized for smartphone and tablet
* Responsive: can pan and zoom very smooth (with its 3d Graphic Engine)
* Fast: use multi-core CPU, if available
* Viewer for Google Photosphere or other panorama makers
* Kinetic rotation: use your device like a cam, turn around and be there! (use gyro if available)
* Easy: make multires tiles and view panorama in one app, with a touch, without use of external tools
* Fast Open: Open images already processed in seconds (on Galaxy S-II 485 MPixel tooks 5 seconds)
* Fine integration with the Android OS: jpeg images from Browser, URL, File Manager, Email, Dropbox, Gallery, etc..
* xml-based sharing: if the jpeg image is already available on internet (for example, using permalink in dropbox), you can share easy with your friend sending a very small file
* View your local image files and xmlppv from local storage/internet/Public Gallery/detect all USB/external sdcard connected to the device
* Tagging functionality
* Organize your favorite images in the thumb-based Private Gallery (PRO ver: up to 100)
* Animated real-time parameters controls (horz/vert flip, FOV, start-end V/H angles, adjust aspect ratio)

PPV360HD :

- Functionalities present in the DEMO version may change in the future.
- Example Images by Matthias Kabel, "St Peter Salzburg" and NASA, Spirit Rover on Mars