Parrot MINIKIT Neo App Suite

Parrot MINIKIT Neo App Suite 2.1

Parrot MINIKIT Neo App Suite

Author:Parrot SA
Updated:2015-08-08 19:20:05
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Enhance your Hands-Free experience in cars with the App Suite for Parrot MINIKIT Neo.

**** Find my Car ****
Find your vehicle on your navigation App. As soon as your Bluetooth kit is disconnected, the App will automatically memorize it’s GPS position.

**** Auto Reply SMS ****
Program the Neo App Suite to send an automatic SMS reply to incoming calls or text messages while you are driving.

**** Driving time reminder ****
Set a pre-determined drive time and your kit will let you know when it’s time to stop and rest.

**** Parking Timer ****
The Neo App Suite helps you avoid fines! When your timer runs out, it’s time for you to put more money in the parking meter.

**** Customize Jingles ****
Record you own customized prompts when you turn your kit on and off and enjoy your own personalized welcome sound or voice message.

**** Dual Mode ****
Choose your primary phone and the App will memorize and store your selection.

**** Voice Recognition ****
Choose to use the integrated voice recognition of your kit or your phone’s own voice recognition.

**** Pairing Help ****
A visual Quick Start Guide to help you pair the kit to your phone.

**** Neo Information ****
View the language and current software version of your kit and learn about new software versions when they are available.