Pet Dash - Multiplayer

Pet Dash - Multiplayer 1.1.1

Pet Dash - Multiplayer

Platform:Android 2.0.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 12:22:19
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Collect cats, bunnies, dogs and bears!!! Also improve your times in the race with special ones, or faster pets.

Compete against your friends or practice in a solo mode, using boost to defeat others and earn coins to catch them all!!!

Game modes to release easier versions of the game, making possible to anyone with any age to play with this gorgeous little ones!

Do the right move, at the right time and put your opponents to eat dust!!!

Race with higher difficulties and earn more coins!

Speed and fun with very simple controls! Very addicted game!!! Try it!!!

A game featuring:
-Simple and cute gameplay
-Fluffy and lovely rabbits and cats for now; dogs and bear will be available soon!!!
-Worldwide Multiplayer using Playphone!
-10 different rabbits and 10 different cats (MORE TO BE ADDED).
-Win coins and collect new adorable pets
-Starring NYAN-CAT as a special guest :D

NB: This game contains In-App-Purchases, be aware of your CC Pin to avoid unwanted buys.