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Philips DockStudio

Updated:2015-08-08 19:20:55
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The Philips DockStudio app brings a suite of cool, new features to your Philips docking speaker, including automatic Bluetooth connection, Songbird music player, worldwide Internet radio, sound settings control and a multi-function alarm clock.

DockStudio, with Songbird music player, lets you easily sync, browse, playback and manage music playlist from PC to your Android device. And you can even share what you’re listening with friends on Facebook and view artist photos from Flickr.

In the Radio mode, DockStudio puts more than 7, 000 radio stations worldwide at your fingertips. Browse through stations by genre, place or station name. Simply enjoy and expand your musical horizons.

In the Clock mode, DockStudio lets you set multiple customized music alarms and get the latest weather information.

DockStudio is exclusively for use with Philips docking speakers and Android powered smartphones. It is not compatible with any other docking speakers.

Minimum phone requirements
• Android version 2.1 or above
• Bluetooth
• Micro USB

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