PianoStar 2.0.1


Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 19:26:36
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It is a keyboard for music to teach the method of performing music like timing and time, etc. to push the keyboard!
Of course, it is possible to perform as a usual keyboard.
The Multi-touch is possible!!

The tone that can be used is as follows.

* 128 tones(Piano, Sax, Guitar, Drum etc.) of General MIDI (GM)
* 61 sounds of percussion of General MIDI (GM)

The octave can do nine phases of adjustment.

The Score-style has the following kinds.

* Conform to tempo
* Awaiting input

In addition, there is an automatic play function.
The thing performed with the keyboard together is possible!

As noted above, can choose various exercise methods.

== More infomation ==

== Collection musics ==
The collection music is as follows.

* Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
* When The Saints Go Marchin' In
* Menuett (Christian Petzold)
* London Bridge is Falling Down
* Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
* Sakura
* Mary Had a Little Lamb
* Londonderry Air
* My Grandfather's Clock
* Wiegenlied (Johannes Brahms)
* Thine is the Glory (Georg Friedrich Handel)
* American Patrol Op.92 (F. W. Meacham)
* Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre (Georges Bizet)
* Melody (Schuman)
* La donna e mobile (Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi)
* Fur Elise (Beethoven)
* Silent Night
* Jingle Bells
* The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)
* Triumphal March "Aida" (Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi)
Note: Each music is arranged a little.

Music can be expanded by putting the Standard MIDI file(.mid) in the SD card!

== Method of adding music ==
To use the MIDI file in the SD card on the play screen, MIDI file is put on the "/sdcard/skyarts.com/PianoStar/musics" directory first.
However, there is the following conditions in the MIDI file that can be

* Standard MIDI version 1
* The data consist of Header, Conductor Track, Play Track.
* As for Play Track, only the first Track is effective.
* Harmony is improper.
* The octave : only by one octave.It is treated automatically as one
when there are plurals.
* The tempo change in the middle of the music is non-support.
* The extension of the file is ".mld".

== About the license certification ==
For illegal copy prevention, work connect to the server at the time of first start and license it, and to authenticate it.
The following things are thought about when error "999" appears at the time of the license certification.

* Because communication facility becomes invalid, certification processing is not possible.
-> Please validate communication facility. It is OK in WiFi.
* Because "market" application gives an error, certification processing is not possible.
-> May be recovered when you uninstall update of the (Android) "Market" application.
-> When the password of "Accounts & sync" of the setting window is not input or disappear, it occurs.
When you hold "Accounts & sync" of the setting window, and it is demanded password input, it is thought that it is caused by this.