PicFolio for Picasa HD

PicFolio for Picasa HD 2.11.7

PicFolio for Picasa HD

Author:Snapwood Apps
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 21:25:14
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PicFolio is a fast Picasa photo gallery and uploader for your Picasa pictures. It optionally auto downloads your photos for fast local viewing. These auto downloads are small and happen while your phone or tablet charges.

.: Show Off :.
The presentation is very clean for showing clients or family. View full screen slideshows for one album or all of your albums. Take actions on multiple selected photos. Search. View and make comments within the app. Show photo geolocation on Google Map. If you have Android 4.2, enable Daydreams to run slideshows when you dock or charge your device.

.: Easily Upload Your Pictures :.
Batch upload full resolution pictures in the background while you do other things. Simply share photos or videos from your gallery with PicFolio to upload them to Picasa. Enable "resize uploads" to automatically resize uploads to comply with Picasa's free upload policy. Turn on auto uploads to automatically upload photos and videos to your albums.

.: Features :.
· Fast offline access to your photos
· Clean interface that looks great on phones and tablets
· Full screen slideshows by album or all albums
· Multiselect to move, delete, and share multiple photos at a time
· Play videos
· Support for multiple accounts
· View your contact's public albums
· Search Picasa, your own photos, or your contact's photos
· Hide albums from app
· Upload multiple photos and videos at at time
· Auto upload photos and videos
· Bulk upload with GPS geolocation
· Show GPS photo location on Google Map
· View and add comments
· View EXIF photo information
· View Picasa's featured pictures
· Filter photos by tags
· Delete photos and albums
· Pinch to zoom
· Set pictures as wallpaper
· Create new picasa web albums
· Share URL of albums and photos
· Shared URLs are automatically shortened with bit.ly
· Share pictures using email, Facebook, and Twitter
· Frequent updates that add new features

.: Options :.
· Control slideshow interval and randomization
· Automatically set full screen brightness when viewing photos
· Group Google+ and Buzz albums together and to hide albums auto created by Google
· Turn off auto rotate so that photos always display as large as possible
· Crop to fit so pictures always fill the screen
· Change storage location to external SD card (or any folder)
· Auto upload from any location to any Picassa web album
· Auto download and upload only when you're on wifi
· Read only mode prevents destructive actions like delete

.: Grows With Your Devices :.
· Looks great on ICS and Jelly Bean (Android 4.1 and 4.2)
· Enhanced for tablets but still looks great on phones
· Enhanced JPG decoding on Android 2.3.3+ devices

Comparing to Picasa Tool, Picasa Mobile, or free apps? Know that this app looks great on tablets, supports multiselect actions, has continuous scroll of albums and thumbnails, and it can easily handle thousands upon thousands of photos. Get new features for free as I add them.

.: Full Support :.
I stand behind my apps. If you have any problem, email me at snapwood@snapwoodapps.com and I'll fix it or refund your money.

Thanks and enjoy!