Potty Training: Ultimate Guide

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Potty Training: Ultimate Guide

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Get Rid of The Diapers Once and For All… And Potty Train Your Toddler!

This is an exciting time in your life and your child’s life too! It’s time to start thinking about potty training. If the mere thought of it strikes fear in your heart, rest easy. It is easier than you think!

This book offers practical advice that has been tested by real life people – just like you.

Here is what you will learn inside...

★ Choosing the perfect potty chair

★ Training while traveling

★ What time is the “right time”

★ Staying dry at night

★ Altering your child’s diet for better bowel control

★ Addressing physical complications that might be present

★ Training a special needs child

★ Potty training multiples

★ Ways to help boys adjust to the potty

★ What to do when your child regresses

★ How to show your child good hygiene habits

★ and much, Much More!

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