Power Switch Pro

Power Switch Pro 1.1.4

Power Switch Pro

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 22:06:47
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Power Switch is a tool for devices with cases - somewhat like the SmartCover, it will turn off the screen when you shut the case.

If you have a device with poor battery life, Power Switch can save tons of juice by switching it off entirely after a given amount of time asleep.


- Sleep seconds after shutting case
- Automatic shutdown (root only)
- Set up a schedule using Night Mode
- Configure sensor sensitivity
- Facedown to turn screen off
- Uses almost no power in single sensor mode

The app has gone through an extensive testing process at XDA Developers. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, you're the best.

ADMIN PERMISSIONS are required to manipulate the screen state without root.

Keywords: root, rooted, tool, system, power, save, power saver, screen off, no lock, automatic shutdown, quick shutdown.