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Proximity Sensor Finder 2.1

Proximity Sensor Finder

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 06:15:07
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Need to find your proximity sensor? Proximity Sensor Finder can help!

Proximity Sensor Finder does what it says - it helps you locate the proximity sensor on your Android device. It is a very simple, purpose-built app with no flashy graphics.

Proximity Sensor Finder tells you a few things about your device:

1. Does the device have a proximity sensor?
2. Is an object in close proximity detected?
3. Does this device support actual proximity distances or just "covered" and "uncovered" sensor states?
4. For supported devices, exactly how far away is the object?
5. How long has the sensor been covered?
6. How much power is the proximity sensor consuming?

We developed Proximity Sensor Finder as an internal testing tool but it soon became apparent that there was a need in the market for just such an app, so we decided to ship it and make it free!

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