Publisher 2007 Video Training

Publisher 2007 Video Training 1.0

Publisher 2007 Video Training

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 22:07:59
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Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 Video Training Course

This tutorial is designed for beginner who wants to learn Publisher in 8 hours.

If you need to learn to use Publisher 2007, consider the Microsoft Publisher 2007 training tutorial course from Amazing eLearning. This self-paced training program is an excellent way to master the software and concepts you need for information gathering and sharing using dynamic electric forms.

The Microsoft Publisher 2007 training iPhone app will show you how to use these forms on the web, through email, and on mobile devices. You can learn how to integrate forms with databases for streamlined data entry and with spreadsheets for advanced analysis.

Whether you want to use templates or design your own complex forms, the Publisher training course will show you how. You can convert existing Word or Excel documents into dynamic forms with built-in data integrity checks, generate PDFs, integrate with SharePoint Server 2007, protect forms, and centralize your forms management.


Basic Publications
1.1 Examining Publisher
1.2 Making a Quick Publication (Flyer)
1.3 Saving Publications
1.4 AutoRecover
1.5 Editing Text and Graphics
1.6 Closing and Exiting Publisher

Creating a Multi-Page Document
2.1 Creating a Newsletter
2.2 Inserting Text
2.3 Creating Text Boxes
2.4 Fitting & Linking Text in Text Boxes
2.5 Adding a Continued Notice
2.6 Manipulating Text Boxes
2.7 Deleting and Inserting Pages

Text Editing and Formatting
3.1 Editing Text
3.2 Textbox Formatting
3.3 Paragraph Formatting
3.4 Finding and Replacing Text
3.5 Using AutoCorrect
3.6 Using Spell Check

Publication Formatting
4.1 Choosing a Different Layout
4.2 Choosing a Color Scheme
4.3 Choosing a Font Scheme

Working with Graphics
5.1 Inserting Pictures from Files
5.2 Formatting Picture Frames
5.3 Wrapping Text Around Pictures
5.4 Creating AutoShapes
5.5 Formatting AutoShapes
5.6 Deleting AutoShapes
5.7 Aligning and Distributing AutoShapes
5.8 Stacking Objects
5.9 Grouping and Ungrouping Objects
5.10 Using WordArt

Distributing Publications
6.1 Emailing Newsletters
6.2 Printing to a Desktop Printer
6.3 Commercial Printing