Quick App Install

Quick App Install 1.1.9

Quick App Install

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 12:35:19
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Quick App Install: Efficient, simple, powerful installer tool on android!
- Install and delete non-market applications from SD card
- auto-scan all available apk files on your SD card
- auto-cache all of the informations of .apk files after first full auto-scan , it will save many time after first auto-scan
Next are our test results on the phone: Total of 338 apk files, other applications requires you each time spend 1 minute 30 seconds to scan, and "Quick App Install" first scan takes 3 minutes, later each time requires only 5-20 seconds.
- Display application name, version, path, size and last modified time
- Search/filter app files by name, support fuzzy matching
- Sort app files by name, size, last modified time, all of them support asc or desc
- support Refresh , you can use refresh menu item to re-scan all of the apk files
- In order to mis install or delete, it do not support one click install or delete
- Lazy loading icon, it will be more efficient
- Select all, clear selected, revert select, just one click
- use SD card as the cache space, so it can save your valuable memory space

- Install apps from SD card
- Install non-market app from sdcard
- Delete apps from SD card
- Batch install and delete
- Filter apps by name
- Various sort mode, support name, time, size
- Send apps to friends by email
- Search apps in Google Market
- Efficient cache mechanism
- Support move to sdcard
- Support froyo and Gingerbread

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