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Quick Contacts

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 04:15:08
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Add shortcuts for quick contacts, direct dialing, smsing and emailing contacts!

Quick Contacts lets you add shortcuts to your home screen for quick contacts, direct dialing, direct smsing or direct emailing a contact.

If you don't know what quick contacts are then check out the screen shots! When you tap on your contacts image the quick contact bar will pop out letting you dial, email, txt, etc. If you have been wanting this feature then look no further.

You can also create a direct dial, sms or email shortcut.

How do I add a shortcut?
First you need to go to your home screen.
Long press in an empty space and select "Shortcuts" from the popup list.
Finally, select Quick Contacts, Direct Dial, Direct SMS or Direct Email from the list.

Does it show my contact photo?
If your contact photo is a Google photo then yes it will show up.
Some non-google contact items like Facebook photos may not show up.

What if I want a custom photo?
There are several good home screen launchers that provide this functionality.

Launcher Pro and ADW are both free on the market and will allow you to use custom icons.

What all shortcuts can I make?
Quick Contacts - Large
Quick Contacts - Medium
Quick Contacts - Small
Direct Dial
Direct SMS
Direct Email

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