QuipIM for Sametime Free

QuipIM for Sametime Free 1.1.9

QuipIM for Sametime Free

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 14:35:04
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Stay connected to your coworkers wherever you go with an innovative user interface that leverages the powerful capabilities of Android! QuipIM uses your existing data connection to connect you to your company's Sametime community without SMS charges.

QuipIM allows you to connect directly to your Lotus Sametime server without any extra server software.

QuipIM places all its focus on the IBM Lotus Sametime experience on Android and iPhone rather than trying to force a wide array of different IM services into a single package.

Our commitment is to provide an easy, clean, and intuitive interface for business partners to communicate at home, in meetings, and on the road.

Features include:
- Manage your connections to multiple accounts.
- Manage your buddy list, including adding and removing buddies and groups.
- Easily switch between active conversations using a swipe.
- Set your status and a custom status message.
- Easily access and manage your conversation history.
- View real-time updates on the status of your buddies.
- Easily access and manage your conversation history.