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RedStick Site CAD

Updated:2015-08-08 16:35:05
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Super Simple, Super Fast and Super Accurate.
Start your BIM process on site!

Redstick SiteCAD, is a professional tool which makes measuring existing structures a pleasure. Sophisticated, simple, quick and accurate. Measure using a Bluetooth enabled laser device or a tape. Redstick will create a 3d IFC file, the perfect front end design utility for Archicad, Architect, Revit or any IFC compliant software. Email your file or download from your smart device of choice. Apple and Android to Mac or PC. No need to re-interpret or redraw plans from scratchy notes.

Simple enough for anyone to use. Virtually no learning required. Will currently document walls, window, doors, openings, objects and symbols. Additional 2d tools are also a feature. Create 3d models anywhere you go, that anyone can use.

Start your BIM process on site!