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Relax and Sleep Plus

Updated:2015-08-08 12:22:00
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* NOT compatible with version II - use the sound packs instead.
* ONLY compatible with Relax and Sleep (first version)

!! If you have issues opening the application please read the Q&A because this is an upgrade to the original free relax and sleep application - you will need both applications installed - and please use the launcher from the free version - always have both versions up to date !!

Add the following functions to the *free* Relax and Sleep:

+ Choose one custom sound
+ Choose a custom alarm tone
+ Expand to 12 preset slots
+ Give preset slots a name
+ Auto load & play preset on start
+ Auto load countdown timer on start
+ Custom default begin volume

And support the development of the *free* Relax And Sleep.

Please install Relax and Sleep (search in market) first to try it out for *free*


* From version 1.3 there is NO extra launcher icon - please install the free version and the plus version from the market, and the free version gets all the extra features

* Force closes when you go into the preferences? Please update both apps from the market - plus and free.