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SCRUFF is a social gay app for gay, bi, or curious scruff guys to meet. Meet millions of SCRUFF gay guys in your neighborhood and around the world.

What is a SCRUFF guy? SCRUFF guys are servicemen, gamers, firefighters, students, DJs, baristas, tattoo artists, scientists, designers, and rugby players--just to name a few. Some SCRUFF guys are bears, some are jocks, and some SCRUFF guys are just guys.

A unique and growing global gay community, millions of gay guys are SCRUFFing in over 180 countries on 6 continents (and we're pretty optimistic about Antarctica).

SCRUFF uses your Android's GPS and WiFi capabilities to connect you with gay guys nearby, and near any location worldwide. A SCRUFF guy could be on your block...or near your next travel destination!

Thousands of gay guys worldwide are joining SCRUFF every day - download now to find out why!

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