SDL plugin for C4droid

SDL plugin for C4droid 2.0.2

SDL plugin for C4droid

Updated:2015-08-08 19:13:58
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WARNING! It's not a standalone application.
Make sure to use latest version of C4droid installed from Google Play.
Dear pirates! I think that it will be fair to don't write your reviews here. If app doesn't work/install it's a problem of hackers, not my app.

Anyway if app doesn't work, write your review to C4droid, not to plugin, pirates can't do that, so their reviews here will be ignored =)

It's a plugin for c4droid, that allows it to run SDL/NativeActivity/Qt apps.
To use it, just install it, nothing more is needed.
To compile programs you need GCC/G++ compiler selected (TCC is not supported).