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SEMSIX Music Player 1.50

SEMSIX Music Player

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 15:40:30
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With SEMSIX you can browse YouTube as easy as never before for music videos. You can sort the videos by artist and album and add them with one click in your personal library.
SEMSIX lets you also listen to YouTube clips with the screen locked and turned off!

You will have the feeling to use your own local MP3 collection, although all the music is streamed from YouTube.
No more long searches on YouTube! With just one click you can add an entire album to your library.
SEMSIX also recognizes the quality of the music videos and plays for a song always the video with the best quality.
You can play your video playlists in shuffle mode or normal. As it would be with a normal MP3 Player.

Try SEMSIX for free and impress your friends with the largest music library in the world!

- SEMSIX is the first intelligent search engine for YouTube on Android!
- Let YouTube be your MP3 player and search for artists and songs
- Very clear presentation of the results
- You can add videos to your library
- Search results and library can be sorted by artist, album and song name
- Listen to entire albums with just one click!
- Arrange songs and albums in playlists
- Automatic detection of video quality
- Better video quality as the regular YouTube App (in High Quality mode)
- Playback even works when the screen is locked
- Your music library does not consume any space on your smartphone
- Completely free
- Only for Android!

Note: The videos are not stored on your smartphone, but streamed from YouTube. Make sure you have a data plan if you want to use SEMSIX in the mobile network!