SMSoid - SMS Gateway

SMSoid - SMS Gateway 1.807

SMSoid - SMS Gateway

Platform:Android 1.6 - 4.2
Updated:2013-03-08 15:12:46
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SMSoid allows you to send SMS to Polish and other mobile networks using the Internet gateway.

Supported gateways:
✓ Plus
✓ T-Mobile Omnix
✓ Orange
✓ Orange MultiBox
✓ Play Mobile
✓ WapSter

✓ detect phone number provider
✓ multiple accounts for gateway
✓ history of sent messages (including system database)
✓ statistics
✓ integration with system contacts
✓ support for Google Voice Search
✓ read account balance for gateway
✓ option to remove spaces
✓ smiles
✓ support for gzip and deflate to save transfer

Tags: bramka, sms, darmowe smsy, free sms