Sab Sheep - NZB Matrix

Sab Sheep - NZB Matrix 1.1.0

Sab Sheep - NZB Matrix

Author:Terra Cluster
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 05:46:05
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The best NZBMatrix browser with a full SABnzbd client. Supports VLC streaming.

Sab Sheep lets you easily browse and search NZBMatrix. It also comes with an integrated SABnzbd client that lets you add, pause or delete an nzb.

- SABnzbd client supports add/pause/delete/history/category/speed limit
- Browse NZB Matrix past the 50 feed limit
- IMDB cover art on search results
- Context aware search
- Customize category list
- Direct link to IMDB App by clicking on cover art (IMDB page if app is not installed)
- Integrated NZB Matrix comments viewer (must login first to NZB Matrix)
- NZB file handler (can handle local nzb files or nzb link from browser)
- Stream downloaded videos via VLC

VLC Streaming Info:
Download vlc and enable the http interface
Add the vlc program to your firewall exception list
Forward the following tcp & udp port: 5554