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Say Korean Free(Learn&Speak)

Updated:2015-08-08 19:30:10
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Say Korean.

Learn to Speak Korean!
The best Korean Speaking app
Say Korean is the Korean conversation application consists of 300+ frequently used Korean sentences with the native speaker pronunciations.

Say Korean is for the English user who wants to speak Korean in short period with full efficiency.

Some of the features are:

•The Easiest and the Fastest Way to Talk in Korean at any Circumstances

•You don’t need to waste your time to find one sentence that you need in thousands of unneeded sentences. There are only 300+ sentences you will most likely need.

•There is vocabulary part so that you can see how these sentences are made, and also you can create similar sentence by changing one particular word.

•Native speaker recording. Clear and Perfect pronunciation &intonation.

•Voice repeat count option.

•Say Korean consists of twelve categories such as emergency, shopping, negotiation, and so on.

•No need of additional download or internet connection

•No ads!!!

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