Seaman Video Player Pro

Seaman Video Player Pro

Seaman Video Player Pro

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 15:05:09
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Seaman Video Player Pro is a powerful video player and mp3 music player for Android.

[****** This is the Pro Version. No Ads. ******]

By using this free mobile player, you can watch tv shows, movies, music videos on your Android phone as well as locally stored FLV flash video files (no need to install Adobe Flash Player Plugin).

It can handle all popular video formats including AVI, DiVX, Xvid, MOV, MP4, WMV, RMVB, MKV, ASF, MPG, FLV Flash Video as well as audio formats AAC, AC3, MP3, and more.

Being based on the FFmpeg project, optimized for mobile devices, and highly optimized core video and mp3 player, Seaman Video Player Pro has become more popular in the mobile video and mp3 player market.

No need to install any video codecs, all video and audio codecs are already built-in.

It's capable of playing incomplete or damaged video files by skipping the damaged frames. It can also play partially downloaded files.

Supported formats include:

Audio Formats:
MP3, MP2, AAC, WMA (1, 2, 3), Midi *, WAV, OGG, Speex, WAVPACK, TTA, FLAC, MPC, AMR, ADPCM, ALaw, MuLaw, G.729, GSM

Video Formats:
H.264 (AVC), AVCHD, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 part 2 (ASP), DivX, XviD, WMV (7, 8, 9), Theora *, Dirac *, MJPEG, MSVIDEO (1, 2 , 3), rv (10, 20, 30, 40), SVQ1, SVQ3

Multiplex format Formats:
FLV, Matroska, ASF, ASX, AVI, PS, , 3GPP, MOV, MPEG-4, OGM, NSV,rmvb/rm

Here are some key features of Seaman Video Player Pro:

- Fluently play videos on mobile phone with no more transcoding: Seaman Video Player Pro plays almost all video files on your PC, such as avi, rmvb, flv, mkv, etc. It's like watching live tv on your android.

- Best Experience: With better performance, higher image quality, higher resolution! Seaman Video Player Pro will reform your video experience on mobile devices! Watch tv shows, movies and music videos.

- Dual Core Playback: Beside the high performance engine built-in, Seaman Video Player Pro also makes the most of the OpenCORE inside Android system; you may switch the engine freely.

- Handy Features: resume playing, subtitle support, battery prompt over the video view.

HTC machine (Android 1.6 - 2.3.3) test has been passed and has not tested other models, if any problem, please provide the model name, the system specific information, we will solve.