Sense 3.0 Thyparancy ArchInvt

Sense 3.0 Thyparancy ArchInvt 1.0

Sense 3.0 Thyparancy ArchInvt

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 23:35:28
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Ginger Thyparancy is a skin application for HTC Sense 3.0.

This version is contains the curved rosie navbar and the inverted clock on the homescreen (white_on_black background).

It will modify the layout and design of your Sense3.0 GUI.
It is optimized for Sense 3.0 devices with QHD resolution, but will work on all Sense 3.0 devices. Root access is not required.

- New semi-transparent Rosie navbar curved
- Inverted clock
- Replaced and themed all HTC green highlights by the original Google Gingerbread color
- Black notification bar/statusbar
- Semi-transparent Sense 3.0 widgets with a Gingerbread Color
- Modified lockscreen ring and background (smoked effect)
- Themed popup windows
- Works on all Sense 3.0 devices
- Simply installation without root (installs via single apk file)

How to use:

- Hit the right rosie button (or go to settings-personalize->skins and select the skin after installation)