Sexy one-stroke Puzzle-Ayako-

Sexy one-stroke Puzzle-Ayako- 1.0

Sexy one-stroke Puzzle-Ayako-

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 15:42:16
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You will erase an obstructive blocks Let's get a sexy picture!!

**trial is free**

7 levels tend to play the free trial version!!
Please touch and experience the One-stroke Puzzle.

1.The feature of this application

The action puzzle game of the easy rule which erases the blocks. The important portion of a sexy girl hidden by the blocks serious or I will move and erase the "Magical Pencil"by slide!! If the all the 20 levels full play version is purchased and the puzzle is cleared, a still more excessive prize picture will be able to get!!

2.I will collect a sexy girl's prize pictures

A sexy girl's prize picture will have a thing of various situations, such as a swimming suit and costume play. Furthermore the last prize picture with animation.moreover all since a secret picture can be got if an excellent clearance (clear in little time) is carried out, I will challenge rapidly!!

3.The operation method

If a finger is made to slide on a touch panel, it will move in the direction which the icon of the pen made slide. Moreover, if a tap is short carried out by a touch panel, it can undo.

4.The begging dance item to the one poorer at a puzzle

An overly convenient item clearable only by following "Angel" is also preparation!! I will capture a stage unclearable even if it carries out by Angel, and it will get all the prize pictures!! If full use of this item is made, a high-speed clearance is also possible.

5.Character appearance "Minori" Profile

Occupation:Beer girl
Hobbies:Belly dance

Correspondence model
The terminal which carries androidOS 2.2

*Play all the stages or the individual fee collection in an application is needed using a begging dance item.

*Forbid firmly the unapproved diversion and use of a picture which are used within this application.

(C)2011 D3 PUBLISHER/valkylies

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