Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 06:10:16
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Can easily take the call!

※If you update 1.2.0, You need must re controll sensor value
▼When you download and update! Please read!
▶ 1.2.6 (05/23/2011)
1. v1.1 .* and v1.2 .* calculation of the acceleration of the acceleration of the calculation has been added to allow you to choose.
- Device does not work after update Ver1 (v1.1 .*) heundeum century setting, please select.
▶ 1.2.1~5 (05/22/2011): Minor bug fixed
▶ 1.2.0 (05/22/2011)
1.Accelerometer sensitivity patch
- Calculate more accurate values ​​will increase reliability.
※Sensor values ​​will be initialized after the update.
You need must re controll sensor value
2.Proximity sensors set the patch
- Proximity of the minimum and maximum settings, semi-automatically help
- All devices can be equipped with proximity sensors work
- A fixed value that does not work because the existing patches for the device
※Manually input does not guarantee normal operation. Please note the benefits.
3.Vibration sensor alerts recognition
4.Virtual Phone Sensor Test

● This application features
1. Receive the Phone with shake
2. Disconnect the Phone with shake
3. Receive the Phone to Proximity Sensor
4. Hang up correction to Proximity Sensor
5. Virtual Phone Sensor Test
6. Set semi-automatic sensor
7. Toast message alerts
8. Vibration alert sensor recognition

▼How to Use
When a phone call. you just shake the phone!
Also, you want to hang up. you just shake the phone!
When using the first sensitivity control is essential!

▼this app's merit
1. Very light
2. Very simple
3. Can easily take the call
4. Can easily hang up the call
5. Free App!

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