Shmoop AP US History Test Prep

Shmoop AP US History Test Prep 1.0

Shmoop AP US History Test Prep

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Learn everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the AP US History Exam with Shmoop test prep. Get deep review without being lulled into a deep sleep. Narcolepsy is killer for the social calendar anyway.

Enjoy full-length practice exams and hundreds of drills while studying our test-taking tips and step-by-step guides, unlocking the ancient secrets of AP domination.

What’s in this eBook: * Spanish Colonization * Columbian Exchange & Atlantic World * Jamestown & Colonial Chesapeake * Plymouth & Colonial New England * French & Indian War * American Revolution * Articles of Confederation & Constitution * Early Republic * War of 1812 * Market Revolution * Manifest Destiny * Antebellum Culture * Age of Jackson * Slavery & Antislavery * Causes of the Civil War * Civil War * Reconstruction * Gilded Age * Populists and Progressives * Jim Crow * American Imperialism and Spanish-American War * World War I * 1920s * Great Depression and New Deal * World War II * Cold War * 1950s * 1960s * Reagan Era * Post-Cold War America